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Six Generations Publishing is the division of RUSA, Inc.

Fyodor Soloview
Photo by: Yulia Solovyeva

2. Website www.2000Gifts.com. This retail online business, originally under the name 2000 GIFTS & ART, was created and opened by Fyodor Soloview in January 1st, 1999 as an art gallery/gift shop in the Dimond Center Mall in Anchorage, Alaska. By 2002 this brick and mortar store with $160,000 annual sales (in 2000) had the largest volume of Leanin' Tree greeting cards and posters available for sale in a single location in the non-corporative retail outlet in Alaska, until Hallmark opened its branch in the same mall in 2002, and took the lead. The competition from Hallmark and other gifts shops and art galleries which were opened in the Dimond Center Mall in 2000-2001, and brief declining of giftware sales after 9/11 attack, as well as growing competition on Internet, shrinked the annual sales of 2000 Gifts & Art, and eventually the store closed its operation in the Mall by 2006. With thousands of greeting cards and posters left on hand, and other inventory, it took several years to Fyodor to scan all images and put them on the website, shortening the name to 2000 GIFTS, and by 2008 this business, 2000Gifts.com , became online only.

3. Payment processing for credit card purchases for all divisions of RUSA, Inc., including sales of Six Generations card game from the website www.SixGenerations.com, sales of greeting cards, posters, and other giftware from the website www.2000Gifts.com, and document processing services (Notary Public, translations, editing, etc.) at this website, www.rusa.us.

4. Web, graphic design, and operation of www.GoldMinerTools.com   - website (since 2007) of Anchorage, Alaska company Surveyors Exchange Co., Inc., engaged in sales of gold mining tools and equipment in the US, Russia, and worldwide. 

It consists of five departments:

1. Design, publishing, promotion, and sales of Six Generations Card Game. This genealogical card game was invented and published by the owner of RUSA, Fyodor Soloview, in 2004. All information about Six Generations card game available at this website - www.sixgenerations.com.

5. All other publishing works, web design, logotypes, and photo services to numerous clients, including Anchorage chorus group RACS - Russian American Colony Singers, website www.racs.us.

Military disposition of the 2nd Military Training School of Ensigns (Praporshchiks)
on parade ground before going to the front with Germans, during WWI. 
Irkutsk, 1916.
Photo by Fyodor Ivanovich Soloviev 
From the Soloviev family archive. ENLARGE