I notarize documents both in Russian or English languages.

You can also order certified translations of your key documents.

If you cannot come to my office for notarizations because of illness or other circumstances, I can personally visit you.

Please remember that documents must be signed ONLY in the presence of a notary . Documents signed earlier cannot be notarized and will need to be retyped. Our bureau will do the clerical work required to bring your documents into compliance with Russian law, including correcting errors, editing, formatting, necessary graphic design changes, etc.

Please also note that documents submitted to Russian authorities can contain no mistakes in text. They must be typed on a computer (handwritten texts are rarely accepted) and edited & formatted for easy reading. Documents not prepared correctly may be summarily rejected by Russian authorities or placed under lengthy investigation - with their authenticity or even that of the associated notary called into question.

In order to protect you and our own professional standing we therefore require that needed document edits or formatting changes be completed prior to notarization.

Documents ready for notarization can be emailed to us (as an attached Microsoft Word file) in advance of coming to our office. We will review the documents (in Russian or English) to ensure they comply with requirements - and format each on a single page of paper where possible. On your visit to our office you will then need only to sign the registration journal, make the fee payment, and sign your document - all of which should take no more than ten minutes of your time.

Please do not forget to bring your ID with you: a driver's license, U.S. or Russian passport, green card, etc. Your official ID must include a photo of you.

For documents prepared entirely by yourself please leave about 3-4 inches at the bottom of the page for the notary stamp and necessary details. Also, please make sure that each document is undamaged and able to pass through a standard printer . Sending your statement in electronic format via email has the advantage of allowing last minute corrections or reprinting should either be necessary.


- Notarizing a signature of one person on one submitted document in English - $25
- Notarizing a signature of two persons on one submitted document in English - $30
- Extra identical (duplicate) same-day notarized copy - $5 (for each signer)
- Certification of scanned photocopy of document - $85

- Notarizing a signature of one person on one submitted document in Russian - $85
- Notarization of a document which was formatted, corrected for errors and technically edited in our bureau in advance. (Additional fees may apply.) - $145
- Notarizations of statements made for submission to the Russian Consulate in Seattle or the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C. made using pre-formatted (by Russian authorities) online samples - $85
- Notarization of translations made by our bureau - $25

- After-hours work (6 PM to 10 AM Monday-Friday, or Saturdays/Sundays) - double fee
Visiting you within Anchorage - $30
- Visiting you in other places within Alaska - (priced by agreement)

- Getting an apostille from Juneau :
First Class mail (7-14 days) $45 ;
Express Mail, (3 business days) $85

- Sending Express Mail letter to Moscow, Russia :
Trucking included  (8-20 days)
Not available until further notice from USPS ;

- Re-typing, or re-formatting each page of a document because the text was not provided in electronic format or in required form (exp: written by hand, carelessly printed, etc.) - $60
(This may include compilation or formatting of a document not suitable for immediate printing and notarization; re-formatting of a document to make it compliant with Russian bureaucratic requirements regarding symmetrical arrangement of the text, use of different fonts and font sizes for ease of reading, separating text into semantic units in accordance with standards of Russian notaries and public officials, etc.)

- Fees for editing a submitted document not in proper notarization form or without printed text , or with scattered data or links to websites, documents, briefs, oral expressions, etc. are charged at the editing rate of $60 per hour. Time spent on necessary telephone calls also applies.

- Visit to the customer in Anchorage - $30 . At a customer's request I can visit him/her to provide notarization of a document. Usually this occurs when the person seeking notarization is in ill health or when the notarization requires signatures of several interested parties-as in real estate transactions. Higher fees apply when travel beyond Anchorage is requested.
Note: Customers who request notarization without a clear idea of what he/she desires to be included in a document may be denied services on the grounds of non-compliance with the codes governing US Notaries Public in Alaska.


We accept payment in cash, by check or money order, or by credit card ( VISA, MasterCard, AmEx or Discover ). Credit card payments need to be made in advance, before visiting our office to pick up your finished documents. Service fee for credit card processing (4%) will be added at Checkout as Tax.

To pay by credit card please select the applicable service in the chart on the left and click " add to cart ." On the next screen you may specify the quantity of each item or simply click the same "add to cart" button several times to increase the quantity.

Proceed with your payment by entering your  PayPal account user/password information or open a personal PayPal account using your credit card, or make a purchase without using PayPal account at all.

If you also need our translation service please go to this page .


Prices - English
Translations from Russian to EnglishRUSSIAN to ENGLISH translation of legal documents, Alaska Apostilles, Green cards, each page.
Translations from English to RussianENGLISH to RUSSIAN translation of legal documents, US short certificates of birth, marriage, death, each page.
Translations from English to RussianENGLISH to RUSSIAN translation of US full (long) certificates: BIRTH, MARRIAGE, DEATH.
AttestatRussian English translation of Soviet or Russian secondary school diploma "Attestat" with grades.
Translation Student Diploma TranscriptRussian English translation of college student diploma and transcript.
Fyodor Soloview - Russian English Notary Public, AlaskaNotarization of translator's signature, or a copy of previously notarized, submitted, or formatted document.
Fyodor Soloview - Russian English Notary Public, AlaskaNotarization of one new document using pre-submitted text by Fyodor Soloview, bilingual Notary Public, State of Alaska.
Fyodor Soloview - Russian English Notary Public, AlaskaAdditional fee for 1/2 page of prepared and edited text for notarization of one new document, which was ordered by the client in our Bureau.
Fyodor Soloview - Russian English Notary Public, AlaskaNotarization of one new document by Fyodor Soloview, including technical work, editing, formatting & graphic design services in Russian language.
Fyodor Soloview - Russian English Notary Public, AlaskaDuplicate, or copy of translation OR notarization made at the same time with original work, or 2nd signer.
Fyodor Soloview - Russian English Notary Public, AlaskaDuplicate copy of translation AND notarization made at the same time with original notarization.
Fyodor Soloview - Russian English Notary Public, AlaskaTranslation & notarization of Alaska Driver's License with photo image for using it in Russia.
Mobile Notary - Notarization outside the office.MOBILE NOTARY. Providing notarization outside the office. Visiting the customer in Anchorage.
1st Class mail by USPS.Shipping letter-size documents in large envelope by USPS 1st Class Mail, delivery in the USA within 2-5 days.
Apostille in Juneau.Apostille in Juneau, per each document, including shipping & handling by Priority Mail, 7-10 days.
Express Mail letter.Additional payment for getting Apostille in Juneau in 3 business days via USPS Express Mail. $40
Tech work.Technical work: retyping, formatting a document, spell check, editing for publishing, per hour.
Certificate of being alive.Life Certificate of Russian pensioner for Pension Fund of Russia to get annual retirement money - for first-time customers. $115
Thinking about you!Russian-language consulting in the matter of services performed by our Bureau; filling forms and applications in Russian and English; oral translating, per hour. $60
Immigration documents preparation.Preparing immigration forms: Petition for Alien Relative, Application to Register Permanent Residence, and for Employment Authorization, Affidavit of Support, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination, and others. $995
Will Notarization.Notarization of Will, with two witnesses. $180
EXPRESS ONE-DAY SERVICEExpresss one-day service: translations, technical works and notarizations, additionally to other services, for each document, from Monday to Friday. $20